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This site was made to give people learning Japanese more reading practice at their level. This kind of practice is good for improving reading fluency and knowledge of kanji and vocabulary.

Getting the following add-ons for Firefox to optimize your practice:

  • PeraPera-Kun – so you can just mouse-over words to get translations, be able to save them to a wordlist for later review (just use hotkey ‘s’).
  • ImTranslator – to use the text-to-speech function to have the texts read to you. (Once installed, the best way to use it is to first highlight the text, then go to Tools>ImTranslator>ImTranslatorTTS)

To get these add-ons, just go to ‘Tools’>’Add-ons’ and search for PeraPera-Kun and ImTranslator.

Posted July 25, 2011 by admin

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